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Beale Street Music Festival 2023: Day 3

by Shannon Flack


Day 3 Lineup
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, JAzmine Sullivan, AJR, Gary Clark JR., Dru Hill, Young the Giant, Andy Grammer, Yola, Lucinda Williams, Shovels & Rope, Eric Benet, Moon Taxi, Beach WEather, Mille Manny, Dirty Streets

The third and final day of the Beale Street Music Festival concluded the momentous weekend with a stellar lineup that left an indelible mark on the musical landscape. The festival grounds buzzed with anticipation as the diverse array of artists took the stage, showcasing the richness and versatility of contemporary music. Headlining the day were AJR, the dynamic trio known for their genre-defying sound and infectious energy, as well as the legendary duo of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, who brought a timeless blend of rock and bluegrass to the eager audience. Young the Giant added to the sonic tapestry with their anthemic tunes, creating an atmosphere of euphoria that resonated throughout the festival grounds. Day 3 encapsulated the essence of Beale Street Music Festival, providing a fitting climax to a weekend filled with unforgettable performances, diverse genres, and a shared love for the power of live music.

Dirty Streets

Dirty Streets, a Memphis-based trio, took center stage in their hometown as they opened up the Volkswagen Stage on the final day of the Beale Street Music Festival 2023. The local favorites wasted no time infusing the festival grounds with their gritty, soulful sound that pays homage to the blues-rock roots deeply embedded in the city's musical history. As they unleashed their electrifying performance, the band effortlessly captivated the audience with infectious rhythms and powerful guitar riffs. The connection between Dirty Streets and their hometown crowd was palpable, creating a special and intimate atmosphere that reflected the band's pride in representing Memphis on such a renowned stage. Opening the final day of the festival, Dirty Streets set the tone for a day filled with musical magic and celebrated the vibrant musical heritage of the city they call home.

Moon Taxi

Moon Taxi brought their eclectic blend of indie rock and progressive pop to the Zyn Stage at Beale Street, creating an unforgettable musical experience. As the Tennessee-based quintet took the stage, their dynamic stage presence and expert musicianship immediately engaged festival-goers. Moon Taxi's ability to create an immersive atmosphere was enhanced by the Zyn Stage's intimate setting, allowing the crowd to be enveloped in the band's sonic tapestry. With each note, Moon Taxi demonstrated why they are a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary music scene, leaving an enduring impression on the Beale Street Music Festival and showcasing the musical prowess that has earned them a dedicated fanbase.

Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams, a seasoned singer-songwriter, graced the mid-day slot at Beale Street Music Festival, drawing a devoted audience to the stage. Despite the crowd being divided between her performance and that of Andy Grammer, Williams held her own, showcasing the depth of her musical catalog and the authenticity that has defined her career. As she took the stage, the smaller but captivated audience was treated to a soul-stirring performance that highlighted her emotive vocals and poignant songwriting. Undeterred by the competing act, Williams connected with her listeners, and as a testament to her unwavering presence, she delivered her most well-known piece to the intimate gathering. In that moment, it became clear that Lucinda Williams's artistry transcends the size of the audience, leaving an indelible mark on Beale Street Music Festival with a performance that resonated with the essence of authentic and timeless musical expression.

Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer took the Beale Street Music Festival stage by storm, delivering a standout performance that not only drew a considerable turnout but also had the audience fully engaged and singing along to his infectious pop hits. The vibrant energy emanating from the stage mirrored the palpable enthusiasm of the crowd, creating a synergy that transformed the festival grounds into a euphoric dance floor. Grammer's stage presence was magnetic, and his ability to connect with the audience was evident as fans enthusiastically joined in on the sing-alongs to his chart-topping tunes. The Beale Street moment with Andy Grammer was not just a performance; it was a communal celebration of music, marking a highlight in the festival's diverse lineup and demonstrating Grammer's ability to captivate and unite audiences with his feel-good sound.

Young the Giant

Following the standout performance by Andy Grammer, Young the Giant took the stage at Beale Street Music Festival and effortlessly sustained the festival's momentum. The California-based band, known for their anthemic sound, delivered a set that lived up to the crowd's heightened expectations. Featuring hits like "Cough Syrup" and "My Body," the band showcased their signature blend of indie rock with a captivating stage presence. The audience, already riding the high from Grammer's performance, eagerly embraced Young the Giant's set with enthusiasm. The infectious energy emanating from the stage resonated with the crowd, creating a vibrant atmosphere that had concertgoers singing along and dancing to the rhythmic beats. Young the Giant's performance at Beale Street Music Festival proved to be a seamless transition, ensuring that the festival's energy continued to soar, leaving the audience thoroughly satisfied and energized.

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

The Beale Street Music Festival reached its pinnacle when the legendary duo of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss took the stage. With Plant wielding his guitar and Krauss skillfully playing the fiddle, their performance was a masterclass in musical finesse and genre-blurring artistry. The duo's rendition of their country songs, enriched by Plant's distinct vocals and Krauss's soulful fiddling, created an enchanting atmosphere that resonated with the crowd. What set their performance apart was Plant's artful interweaving of several melodies and poignant moments where he seamlessly incorporated lines from Led Zeppelin hits, weaving a musical tapestry that transcended time and genres. This collaboration between two musical icons not only showcased their individual talents but also highlighted the magic that occurs when disparate genres converge. Plant and Krauss's performance at Beale Street was an unforgettable journey through their collective musical history, leaving the audience in awe of their undeniable prowess and the timeless beauty of their collaborative artistry.


AJR, following in the footsteps of the high-energy acts Andy Grammer and Young the Giant, took the Beale Street Music Festival stage by storm with a performance that maintained the festival's vibrant momentum. The New York-based trio infused the air with an electric energy, captivating the audience with their genre-blending sound and dynamic stage presence. As they delivered hits like "Bang!" and "Weak," the crowd remained fervently engaged, showcasing the seamless transition between the acts. This particular lineup of three artists, each bringing their unique musical flavors, created a cohesive and thrilling experience for the audience. The similarities in audience appeal made it a standout trio of performances, demonstrating the festival's prowess in curating a diverse yet cohesive lineup that resonated with a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts. AJR's high-energy set further solidified this stretch of performances as a highlight of the festival, leaving attendees with an unforgettable musical journey.


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