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The Thing With Feathers Takes Flight in Charlotte, NC

by Shannon Flack October 10, 2023

Dave Welcsh (left) and Alex Hendricks (right) of The Thing With Feathers in Charlotte, NC (Shannon Flack)

The Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC, was ablaze with excitement on the evening of October 7th, thanks to a co-headlining show featuring The Thing With Feathers and The Sammies. The anticipation was palpable as The Thing With Feathers took the stage first, and what followed was nothing short of magical.

From the very first note, it was evident that The Thing With Feathers had a devoted following in the crowd. The atmosphere was electric, and the audience sang along to every word of every song, even the freshest tracks from the band's repertoire. It was a testament to the deep connection these musicians have forged with their fans.

The quartet, consisting of Dave Welcsh on vocals, Alex Hendricks on guitar, Blake Burchette on bass, and Chris Roussell on drums, exuded a warm and inviting stage presence that was as endearing as it was captivating. Their genuine smiles and infectious enthusiasm radiated throughout the venue, creating an intimate and welcoming vibe.

What truly set The Thing With Feathers apart was their dedication to connecting with their audience. They spent hours at the venue, chatting and mingling with as many fans as possible. It was heartwarming to see them making an effort to learn the names of their supporters, transforming the concert into a deeply personal experience for everyone involved.

The Thing With Feathers at The Evening Muse (Shannon Flack)

Musically, The Thing With Feathers demonstrated remarkable skill and cohesion on stage. David Welcsh's vocals were both powerful and emotionally charged, while the rest of the band showcased their instrumental prowess. The chemistry among the members was undeniable, and their tight performance left no doubt that they are a rising force in the music industry.

But beyond their musical talents, The Thing With Feathers proved themselves to be exceptional human beings. Their genuine interactions and accessibility to fans reaffirmed that they are not only great musicians but also great people. In an industry often marked by distance between artists and their supporters, this level of personal connection was truly refreshing.

If you haven't already, make sure to keep an eye out for The Thing With Feathers. They are undeniably rising stars in the music world, and their live performance is not to be missed. Next time they come to your town, be sure to catch their show – you won't regret it.


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