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The Strumbellas Light Up The Atlantis with 'Part Time Believer' Tour

by Shannon Flack April 11, 2024

The Strumbellas at The Atlantis in Washington, DC (Shannon Flack)

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Washington DC's The Atlantis on April 7th, anticipation reached its peak as eager fans gathered to experience The Strumbellas' captivating sold out show. In a performance that felt like a celebration of their latest musical offering, "Part Time Believer," the Canadian indie-folk band delivered an unforgettable night of euphoric harmonies and electrifying rhythms.

Despite the spatial constraints of the oddly shaped triangle stage at The Atlantis, The Strumbellas deftly navigated their performance with an infectious energy that filled every corner of the venue. Despite being squished together, the six-piece band moved with fluidity, each member finding their groove and connecting effortlessly with the music. The addition of two small boxes at the front of the stage provided a clever solution, offering an elevated platform for lead singer Jimmy Chauveau to engage intimately with the crowd, ensuring no one missed a moment of their electrifying performance.

The sold out audience and The Strumbellas in DC (Shannon Flack)

The atmosphere at The Atlantis was nothing short of jubilant, with smiles adorning the faces of every audience member, representing a diverse array of ages and backgrounds. However, the contagious joy didn't just belong to the crowd; it radiated from the stage itself. Throughout the entire performance, The Strumbellas were a beacon of positivity, their infectious enthusiasm mirrored in constant smiles and animated expressions. From the opening chords of their set with "Running Scared (Dessert Song)" to the climactic finale of the crowd favorite and show closer "Spirits," the band's unwavering joy amplified the energy in the room, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.


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