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Remember the Name Tour: An Unforgettable Concert Experience

Live review of The 'Remember The Name...' Tour with headliner The Struts and special guests Mac Saturn at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on 07/16/23.

by Shannon Flack 07/17/23

Luke Spiller, frontman of The Struts, performs at the 9:30 Club in DC (Shannon Flack)

The Struts' performance at the 9:30 Club in DC on July 16th was an absolute spectacle from start to finish. The show was completely sold out, setting the stage for an electric atmosphere that lasted throughout the night. What stood out the most was the interactive

audience, as fans eagerly sang along to every word and danced with unbridled enthusiasm.

Guitarist, Adam Slack, interacts with the audience (Shannon Flack)


The 'Remember the Name...' Tour delivered two contrasting standout moments that left the audience in awe. The first was the captivating rendition of "Mary Go Round," where the stage lights were turned off, leaving only the mesmerizing glow of cell phone flashlights illuminating the stage. It created an intimate and enchanting atmosphere that united the crowd in a shared experience. The second moment was during "Put Your Money On Me," where lead singer Luke Spiller skillfully conducted the packed, sold-out audience to sit and stand in sync with the music. This interactive element added an extra layer of excitement and engagement, transforming the concert into an immersive journey.

The energy from all four band members was infectious and palpable. They commanded the stage with relentless passion and delivered each song with precision and flair. Lead singer Luke Spiller's charisma was undeniable as he engaged the crowd with his dynamic vocals and captivating stage presence. Guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies matched his energy, creating a tight-knit unit that fueled the crowd's enthusiasm. The band's chemistry was evident, and their cohesive performance added to the overall excitement of the night.

Mac Saturn closing out their set at the 9:30 Club (Shannon Flack)

Mac Saturn, hailing from Detroit, MI, proved themselves to be a group to watch out for as they took the stage as the opening act for The Struts. With their undeniable talent and electrifying performance, it was clear that Mac Saturn is on the rise. The band's unique blend of rock and soul sound resonated with the audience, leaving a lasting impression. Their setlist featuring fan favorites like "Mr. Cadillac" and closing with the powerful "Plain Clothes Gentleman" from their debut EP "Until The Money Runs Out." Through the entirety of their set Mac Saturn proved their musical prowess and ability to captivate the crowd. Frontman Carson Macc and guitarist Mike Moody showcased standout stage presence, but the entire band exhibited remarkable talent in their respective roles. As they continue to gain momentum, Mac Saturn is a band that should be on everyone's radar, destined to make their mark in the music industry.

The 'Remember The Name...' Tour lived up to its title, as it was a concert that will undoubtedly be remembered by all in attendance. The Struts' ability to create an unforgettable experience was evident in every aspect of the show. From the sold-out crowd to the performances of crowed favorite such as "Primadonna Like Me" and "Could Have Been Me," each element contributed to a night that left a lasting impression. Whether you were a longtime fan or new to their music, The Struts' performance at the 9:30 Club was a high-energy performance that won't easily be forgotten.

The sold out audience at the "Remember The Name" Tour in DC (Shannon Flack)

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