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with special guest Leela James

August 19, 2022 at The Filene Center in Vienna, VA

Fantasia interacting with the audience at her sold out show (Shannon Flack)

The energy in the crowd was electric during Fantasia's sensational performance at Wolf Trap. Audience members naturally migrated towards the stage which was a hassle for ushers but created an atmosphere like no other.

Fantasia commanded the stage from the moment she stepped out to perform. Her enthusiasm was unmatched and was very clear to everyone in attendance how much she loved being up on that stage. Her excitement was contagious.

The show was opened by Leela James. She was the perfect performer for setting the tone for the night. James along with Fantasia did not hit a bad note the entire night. Although some audience members were still finding their seats during her performance it did not phase her one bit. James did use a microphone stand during her set which restricted her movement and intreating with the audience; however her strong voice and enthusiastic facial expressions were powerful enough to reach the back row. Eventually the mic was removed and the liveliness of the performance doubled.

Leela James performs on Tour with Fantasia (Shannon Flack)

Out of all the concerts I have attended and photographed this is the concert where I can honestly say I had the most fun. Whether it is because of her personality, performing experience, work in theatre or combination of all, Fantasia's ability to capture the attention of every soul in the audience is unmatched.

Fantasia talking with the audience (Shannon Flack)

The next stop on this tour will take place at the Chesapeake Arena in Baltimore, MD on August 20, 2022.


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