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by Caroline Woodson


Photo credit: Will Shellhorn

“Please don’t make me yesterday,” Cade Hoppe pleads his existence into significance with his new single “Fool’s Gold”. A piece all about self-doubting and the interminable quest to find one’s self, this song will resonate with all the idealists on the planet. With undertones of big band influence, the play with different instruments creates a playful, curious tone in the song. Hoppe finds something beautiful in not knowing where you are headed. In a world of constantly having to define yourself and then recreate yourself, Hoppe asks “what am I?” again and again. Cade Hoppe has captured a sense of wonder in his new single that is childlike in goodness and tenacious in exploration.

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Today, indie-pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe shares his new single, "Fool’s Gold." In contrast to his recent upbeat singles like “Moon” and “Labels,” “Fool’s Gold” sees Cade getting in touch with his softer side. Infusing artful folk-rock instrumentation with slick pop melodies, Cade’s new song will have you bopping along while also putting you deep in your feels.

This song is about uncertainty, inevitability, and where those two things overlap,” says Cade. “It’s this fear of striving for some sort of meaningful immortality, but ultimately fading into oblivion.”

Cade Hoppe made his debut in 2021 with the release of his first EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It.’ He’s kept the momentum going with his sophomore effort, ‘Everything That’s Wrong with You,’ and a series of buzzy singles. Working closely with co-writer and co-producer Harper James (James Bay, Eighty Ninety, Aaron Taos), Cade has continued to develop his artistry, delivering more confidence and clarity with each new release. With his steadfast determination and undeniable talent, Cade is well on his way to becoming an indie-pop mainstay.


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