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Aly & AJ's triumphant return to the Ryman Auditorium

by Shannon Flack April 12, 2023

Aly & AJ with their band at the Ryman Auditorium (Shannon Flack)

On the night of April 10, 2023, sisters Aly & AJ had the opportunity to return to the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, which is widely considered one of the country's most prestigious concert venues. The Ryman's rich history and incredible acoustics provided the perfect setting for Aly & AJ to showcase their talents and connect with their fans in a truly memorable way. With their signature harmonies and infectious energy, the sisters undoubtedly delivered a captivating performance.

Aly & AJ are a music duo composed of sisters Alyson and Amanda Joy Michalka, who have been making music together since their youth. Hailing from California, the sisters first gained fame in the early 2000s with their catchy pop-rock hits, including "Potential Breakup Song" and "Chemicals React." Over the years, they have continued to evolve their sound, experimenting with different genres and incorporating more personal themes into their lyrics. With their powerful vocals and undeniable talent, Aly & AJ have become a beloved staple in the music industry, with a loyal fanbase that spans generations. They are known for their dynamic stage presence and charisma, and their music has touched the lives of countless people around the world. After taking a break from music for several years, Aly & AJ returned stronger than ever, showcasing their timeless talent and proving that their passion for creating music had never waned.

The Ryman Auditorium is a truly special venue, with a storied past that dates back to its origins as a religious tabernacle in the late 1800s. Over the years, it has hosted countless iconic performers, including Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Patsy Cline, and has become a beloved cultural institution in Nashville and beyond. For Aly & AJ, performing at the Ryman was undoubtedly a dream come true, and they likely felt honored to be able to add their names to the long list of legendary artists who have graced the venue's stage. It was an unforgettable experience for both the duo and their fans, and it's safe to say that the Ryman Auditorium will continue to hold a special place in the hearts of music lovers around the world. Aly & AJ took a moment to ask the audience if any attendees had been there for their original performance at the Ryman in 2006. The duo was met with cheers from the audience which caused grins on their faces spanning from ear to ear.

Miya Folick opening for the "With Love From Tour" (Shannon Flack)

Miya Folick opened the "With Love From" tour with powerful vocals that could be described as a combination of Florence Welch and Alanis Morissette. Based on Folick and Aly & AJ's respective styles, the two acts complemented each other well. Folick's raw, emotive vocals and introspective lyrics provided a powerful contrast to Aly & AJ's more upbeat, pop-infused sound. As an opening act, Folick showcased her talent and won over new fans, while also setting the stage for Aly & AJ's highly anticipated performance. The venue's intimate setting allowed for a truly immersive experience, with every note and emotion coming through loud and clear. Whether you're a fan of one or both of these talented acts, seeing them perform at the Ryman was an unforgettable experience that left the audience feeling inspired and moved.

The audience reaction to Aly & AJ's second performance at the Ryman Auditorium since 2006 was electric. Fans were thrilled to see the duo return to this iconic venue, and their excitement was palpable from the moment the lights went down. Throughout the performance, the crowd sang along to every word and danced in the aisles, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and euphoria. The sisters seemed to feed off this energy, giving a polished and heartfelt performance. As they performed the highly anticipated hit "Potential Breakup Song," the audience erupted into cheers and applause, a fitting mid-point of the night filled with passion and emotion. They also performed crowd favorites such as an acoustic version of their 2007 hits "Like, Whoa" and more recent hits such as"Take Me" and "With Love From". They performed their song "Church" while seated in front of their microphones. The Ryman was the perfect location to perform this song and it felt as if it was created with the intent to be sung at this venue. This performance was not only a celebration of the sister's return to this historic venue but also a celebration of AJ Michalka's birthday. The pair shared heartfelt stories of past birthdays, family memories, and how the music duo came to be.

AJ of Aly & AJ performs in Nashville on her birthday (Shannon Flack)

Aly & AJ's performance at the Ryman Auditorium was nothing short of amazing. From the moment they stepped on stage, the sisters captivated the audience with their powerful vocals, infectious energy, and undeniable stage presence. They performed a mix of their classic hits and newer material, seamlessly transitioning between upbeat pop-rock anthems and more introspective ballads. What really stood out, however, was the sisters' ability to connect with their fans on a personal level. They shared stories about their own experiences and struggles and encouraged their audience to embrace their individuality and be true to themselves. This genuine vulnerability only added to the emotional depth of their music and left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance. Overall, Aly & AJ's performance at the Ryman was a true testament to their talent and authenticity, and a night that will be remembered by fans for years to come.


Open to Something and That Something Is You

With Love From

Pretty Places

Love You This Way


Talking in My Sleep

Take Me

Baby Lay Your Head Down


Don't Need Nothing

Potential Breakup Song

Slow Dancing


Like Whoa (Acoustic)

Happy Birthday (Sung by AJ)


On the Ride

Tear the Night Up

Break Yourself

Personal Cathedrals

After Hours

Way of Nature Way of Grace (with special guest Joy Oladokum)



Blue Dress

6 Months of Staring Into the Sun

Upcoming Performance Dates

April 14 - Raleigh, NC @ The Ritz

April 15 - Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore

April 16 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore

April 19 - Toronto, ON @ History

April 21 - Boston, MA @ MGM Music Hall at Fenway

April 22 - New York, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom

May 6 - Redondo Beach, CA @ Beachlife Festival

September 7 - San Diego, CA @ Humphrey's By The Bay

September 8 - Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre

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The crowd of the Ryman Auditorium (Shannon Flack)


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